The company is located to the east of the province of Badajoz, close to the town of Peraleda del Zaucejo, in the EX_211 road that leads to Monterrubio de la Serena.

The decision of placing the plant close to the town of Peraleda del Zaucejo was taken because it's a small village, that, because of his geographical radius, favours our project immensely, in terms of the transport of oil's waste, covering: North of Sevilla, northeast of Córdoba, west of Ciudad Real, south of Cáceres, east of Portugal, north of Huelva and Barros as a whole.

The geographical zone of production, processing and packaging is located to the east of the province of Badajoz and includes sixteen municipalities in the region of "La Serena", "La Siberia" and "Campiña Sur"; coinciding the processing and packaging zone with the zone of production.


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Intrabisa, s.l
Industry of Oil and Biomass Processing
Road de Peraleda del Zaucejo a Monterrubio de la Serena km 2.5
06919 Peraleda del Zaucejo (Badajoz)
924 636 698 / 924 636 735
Fax: 924 636 735

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