Collection and transport of olive's oil waste
Until now, all the waste coming from the cultivation of olive trees and the olive's grinding was transported to different cities where they transformed them. That's why we thought about starting this project from our own community in Extremadura with the goal of providing a service to the olive mills in our region and surroundings, in order to lesser the commercialization and transport burdens that this product conveys.

Recently has become increasingly difficult to commercialize and transport the olive's oil waste:

  • First, because there are more and more irrigated crops, which carries a bigger production. Added to that is the increase of agricultural machinery for the olive's recollection, and the campaign period is considerably reduced, becoming the transport of the sub product really complicated in such short period and with such long distances.

  • Secondly, because there are more and more olive's mills that use this sub product, which makes the olives' oil waste more liquid and harder to transport, while, at the same time, having a smaller added value.
    That's why -and because of our years of experience in this market- we know that, in our region there's the need of a solution to solve all this problems, not only to provide an outlet to the grinding waste, but also to bypass the aforementioned difficulties.

With our project on track, the olive's oil waste generated in the oil mills, would be stored in reservoirs inside our installations, in order to be processed later.
Pick up service to collect the olive's oil waste in the oil mills.
National and international transports, earthworks with bathtubs, crane dumpers of small and large tonnage.

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